True Grit ZA Branded Apparel

South Africa

Brand Ethos

True Grit SA is a South African born branded apparel company with a passion for our country and it's wonderfully diverse people. We source our garments locally and our printing is done right here in the Mother City ZA. We do not believe in trading quality for quantity, we will not use cheap imports and we simply refuse to use inferior garments or printing methods which don't last. We want to bring you a product which not only looks good but will be worn for a decent period of time without fading and/or cracking, this is why we choose DTG and the best quality vinyl prints on all our branded apparel, you truly get what you pay for!

Design Philosophy

True Grit SA does all it's own graphic design in-house. You will notice that the use of abstract simplicity is present in most of our designs. It is our belief that this best suits people of all ages. We do not wish to be made a niche brand, we want to appeal to all South Africans!

Some of our designs incorporate messages of encouragement and hope, others are themed for the many different walks of life and cultures encountered in SA. Our company is 100% ethical and we pride ourselves on that fact. It gives us great pleasure to send the correct message out to EVERYBODY! Be sure to download our catalog, there WILL be something you like.


 The Team

The brand was created by inspired, energetic people who have worked in a corporate environment for decades, with much experience in company management and an endless passion for innovation. The idea of walking past someone in the street who is proudly wearing one of our creations is what drives us. Our quality is key and our pricing is fair, many international brands cannot say the same!

We will continue to bring you designs which you can wear with confidence! We believe in anyone who is willing to make a positive contribution to our country and if that's you, True Grit is your brand. Have integrity and LIVE, don't just exist!